Final Friday Wristband


 Support Local Music, Buy a Wristband!


Support Local Music, Buy a Wristband!
100% of proceeds go toward supporting local music, art and YOUR community at each Final Friday. Your contribution doesn’t just go to some rock dude’s dream to make it big. This is about supporting community, supporting our neighbors and supporting the creativity that inspires development, growth, culture awareness and entertainment… And for that rock dudes dream to make it big.The fact of the matter is Colorado is awash with creative talent but in order to keep this neighborhood, this city and this state thriving we need to support the local creative movement. This creative element is what we wear, what we hear and what evolves each new day. Thank you for supporting the local creative movement of music, art and community at Final Friday.Final Friday is a community supported event vital to the healthy evolution and economic development of the North Denver communities. We appreciate your active involvement in celebrating the art of music in a balanced and healthy; locally supported campaign.Online ticket sales will be closed August 25 at 9pm.
To Purchase tickets on August 25, please visit MegaFauna at 3102 Blake Street, Denver CO 80205 or locate any of the Final Friday volunteers selling tickets at the venues listed above Please visit MegaFauna at 3102 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205 to purchase your tickets and for vendor check-in on the day of the event.Questions or Suggestions regarding Final Friday may be directed to


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