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Welcome to Final Friday 2014!

Final Friday occurs on the last Friday of the month(s); May thru August, with participating businesses, community areas and venues opening their doors to Musicians, Bands, and Performers; emphasizing the real love of Denver – MUSIC. Each venue hosts a variety of music and performance entertainment for the evening.

Venues include 3 dedicated stages plus art galleries, bars, design shops, retail, restaurants and offices providing easy access for the passersby along North Larimer, Walnut and Blake streets in the River North Art District, located in Greater Five Points, Denver Colorado.

Join Denver’s Largest Live Music Summer Series with LIVE ART, LIVE PERFORMANCES, FOOD VENDORS and an URBAN BAZAAR connecting each venue along the music walk in the River North Art District.

More Info Below

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Get Involved!

Are you an Artist, Band, Business, Performer or Sponsor? Get involved in Final Friday by filling out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Final Friday Wristbands

Final Friday Event Pass offer attendees:

  • Access to Urban Bazaar and VIP Beach Party
  • Drink Specials at participating venues
  • +15% Discounts at Participating Businesses and Venues
  • Entry into Monthly Raffles
  • Discount Accessory for Your Wallet
  • PEACE OF MIND knowing you supported local musicians directly and didn’t just freeload off other people’s work

Final Friday is a community supported event vital to the healthy evolution and economic development of the North Denver communities. We appreciate your active involvement in celebrating the art of music in a balanced and healthy; locally supported campaign.

ONLINE Ticket Sales are now closed. To purchase tickets, please visit TheBigWonderful at 26th and Lawrence.

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